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What's new in the Ovaltech III?
The oval shaped steel members are larger (2" x 3"). The new arches are 70% stronger allowing for an increased span without reducing the loading capacity.

  • It requires no webbing. Therefore there are less parts making installation easier.
  • The basic structure has fewer variety of bolts.
  • It has a new Polytech support using a 1" oval tube.
  • The above changes result in a LOWER PRICE per square foot.
  • The sides are upright like the Ovaltech II. Allowing for more useable space close to the side of the structure.
  • It is available in the following widths: 30' 32' and 35'.
  • All different widths structures have the same arch spacing of 6' with a clearance
    of 9'3".

    Total heights are:

    14' 10" (30' width)

    15' 1" (32' width)

    15' 7" (35' width)

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