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The MEGADOME Protects Your Investments

The Megadome protects your inventory, machinery, hay or lumber. It can cover a riding arena or manure pit. Versatility makes this shelter the best alternative to conventional buildings. Moreover, it is a superior choice when you consider its low cost and exceptional quality. The advanced technology of the double arch design separates the Megadome from the competition, while the fact that the straight pieces are hot dipped galvanized after being welded makes this structure sturdier and more resistant to corrosion.


  • Foundation can be concrete piers, pony wall, concrete wall or concrete block
  • Available in freespan widths of 50', 60', 66', 70' and 80'
  • Center clearance:

    50' structure ground to ground foundation 21'
    60' structure ground to ground foundation 22' 8"
    66' structure ground to ground foundation 31' 1"
    70' structure ground to ground foundation 24' 3"
    80' structure ground to ground foundation 25' 11"

  • High quality steel, 16ga 50000 psi
  • 10oz. covering available in four colors:

    White/White and Beige/White with a 10yr. pro-rated warranty
    Green/White and Gray/White, both with a 15yr. pro-rated warranty


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