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maintains a more
uniform temperature
in the winter, eliminating
respiration problems
caused by high moisture


  • Allows 90% visible light penetration
  • More effective than shade cloth
  • Solar sterilization allows ultraviolet light to kill bacteria and virus
  • Eliminates undesirable temperature and fluctuations in winter


What is the advantage of using one layer of clear poly on the inside and one layer of white poly on the outside of my greenhouse barn?
White poly is a great alternative to using shade cloth on a greenhouse style barn. It blocks the heat-building UV rays while allowing the beneficial parts of the light spectrum to enter which aids in the solar sterilization process.

Is all white poly the same?
There is white poly on the market today with a variety of different transmission rates. White poly with 40%-50% transmission rate (opacity) is common in the horticultural market place. However, for livestock housing applications, it is important that the white poly be in the 65%-70% opacity range to achieve the desired temperature control.

What are some of the other advantages of using white poly?

  1. Using white poly eliminates the necessity of shade cloth. White poly eliminates the cost of the shade cloth itself as well as the labor costs involved in putting it on in the spring and removing it in the fall.
  2. White poly and peakvents are an extremely effective combination for condensation control.

How does white poly aid in condensation control?
White poly (with 65%-70% opacity) helps to control condensation by controlling temperature. Condensation is formed when the temperature inside the building is higher then the (relative) temperature outside. If the temperature inside the structure is not allowed to climb then when the outside temperature falls condensation is controlled. It is important to note that the best condensation control measures are a peakvent and white poly used in combination.

Does white poly cost more than clear poly?


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