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Optimal protection against the sun

By paying attention to our customers, Harnois has designed a Shadehouse, available in two models: standard and retractable. Our structures are made entirely of galvanized steel and can cover any surface dimensions.

  • Heavy duty 3" round posts on all inside areas and the periphery 10'posts that support a network of crisscrossing galvanized wires
  • Anchor wires and wind bracing cables are added for structural stability
Specification of the standard Shadehouse:
1. Post spacing of 26' x26'
Specification of the retractable Shadehouse:
1. Easy opening and closing of the shade fabric: manual or motorized
2. Single motorization can open and close up to 35,000 sq.ft. of fabric
3. Post spacing of 24' x25'
4. Heights available are 10' and 12'

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